‘Desordenada’ – Los Rebujitos y Belén Moreno Rodas

Well! Now here’s a musically rich production from these long-time collaborators. Rebujitos made an earlier version of the song, but after hearing this one, I’m reluctant to go back and look for it, in case of disappointment.

‘Kings of the World Part 1’ – Reyes et al.

We’ve seen parts of the video and heard parts of the audio of this 10 minute jam session in an earlier post titled ‘Soledad’. The girls get a bit more screen time in this one, as do other aspects of daily life in their region of southern France.

While I’ve failed to find it in recent years, there is burned into my memory as one of the most spectacular examples of a young girl expressing eros with her body, a similarly comfortable, refined andalusian movement as offers the girl who opens and closes this clip. I love that they present her dancing with only the sounds of a vigorous breeze in the foliage.

‘Song of the Cebu’ – Larry the Cucumber

You may have noticed grist for the refutation of one argument against so-called indecent images of children in the last silly song from Larry video. Or maybe you didn’t notice. It’s in there. I won’t give credit to the writers of the piece for it, though, both because I don’t think they were aware of it, and because they surely would not want their children’s entertainment to be associated with the topic in any way.

Anyhow, to avoid getting uncomfortably far into critical thinking, let’s turn now to another Veggietales masterpiece referencing the water buffalo in the room by alluding to indecent images accidentally shared with (other) minors: